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The artificial creation of human tissues such as skin and complex internal organs may sound like something out of science fiction, but most of it is happening right now in research facilities all around the world, providing new options for patient treatment. The production of lab-made

human tissues and functional organs using bioprinting technology will constitute the next generation of gold standard treatment to organ failures. In addition, the possibility to print living tissues with patient-derived cells opens up a new era of personalized medicine.

What is bioprinting useful for?

Drug testing

Bioprinting human cells within biomaterials are providing effective options for drug/cosmetic testing that closely resemble the human responses therefore decreasing the time and cost of drug development.

Research models

In the same way that bioprinted 3D human tissues are useful to test drugs, researchers are using 3D models to better understand how organisms develop in normal and disease conditions.


The biofabrication of complex structures resembling the microarchitecture of human tissues is now possible thanks to the advances in 3D bioprinting technology.

Focus on the research without worrying about the materials

Beyond the conventional

Improving upon a product performance is vital for its success. But in some cases, developing a novel material is the only way to achieve the required properties for a new application. Therefore, we support our customers’ needs by going beyond conventional bioink formulation and providing consulting services in designing customized bioinks.

We develop innovative biomaterials for printing living human tissues



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